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imx6q-pcie 1ffc000.pcie:phy link nerver came up

Question asked by zhu yang on Jul 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2016 by Yuri Muhin


Platform: custom board similar to imx6q-sabresd



when i try to enable pcie module of IMX6Q in kernel,some errors happened:

>>imx6q-pcie 1ffc000.pcie:phy link nerver came up

>>imx6q-pcie 1ffc000.pcie:DEBUG_R0:0x000abc43,DEBUG_R1:0x08000000

>>imx6q-pcie 1ffc000.pcie:failed to initialize host


the hardware architecture of the use of pcie module on my custom borad:

imx6q(pcie contoller)->pex8619->LAN82575(pcie device)


There are questions:

1.phy link nerver came up that means the problem come from the link between pcie core and pcie phy(both are in imx6q) or between pcie phy and pcie device eg.pex8619 or LAN82575?

2.According to error logs above,any suggestions?