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T1042 Device Tree Fman RGMII-ID

Question asked by Stefan Lange on Jun 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by Stefan Lange

Hello NXP team,



we have a design with a custom NXP T1042 PowerPC Module located on a custom baseboard. 

Both module and baseboard are new designs.



I here have a support request regarding the Fman device tree content and syntax.



There are 5 Ethernet Interfaces in use, 3 via SGMII, 2 via RGMII.



The RGMIIs require editing the specific TX and RX RGMII delays in the phy.



I have implemented this in the device tree to my best guess (see attached).



However it seems the parameter

phy-connection-type = "rgmii-id";

is ignored during kernel boot, and thus the RGMII delay values are not set.



I also changed the parameter phy-connection-type = "sgmii"; to phy-connection-type = "aaa"; for a test

The debug print still remained at "sgmii"; it seems phy-connection-type as put in the device tree is not used at all.



See attached my .dts file and a bootlog with debug prints and comments (marked with "?").



I figure I wrote the .dts wrong in some way. I could not find a different device tree that I could use as a template.

Maybe you can shed some light.



Thank you and best regards,


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