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ERROR: User requested feature sdl

Question asked by lulu xu on Jun 28, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by Simon Tremblay


I followed the "Freescale_Yocto_Project_User's_Guide.pdf" to setup the PC host and yocto, and eventually trying to run:

$> bitbake fsl-image-qt5

But I received the following error.

| ERROR: User requested feature sdl

|        configure was not able to find it.

|        Install SDL devel


| WARNING: exit code 1 from a shell command.

| ERROR: Function failed: do_configure (log file is located at /opt/workspace/fsl-release-bsp/build/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/qemu-native/2.2.0-r1/temp/log.do_configure.26672).


Someone can help me!