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How to use RXMSCAN with processor expert with kea 128?

Question asked by Emilio Aron Moyers on May 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2016 by Emilio Aron Moyers


I'm trying to read an id of a bus CAN, I want to do that using RX interrupt, I'm using KEA128 and processor expert (CAN_LDD component).

Now I'm able to write to the bus CAN without interrupt, but when I try to read a message with a defined id nothing happens.

What I'm doing to read is the following:


FrameR.MessageID = 0x7DFU;                                       /* Set Tx ID value - standard */

  FrameR.FrameType = LDD_CAN_DATA_FRAME;                           /* Specyfying type of Tx frame - Data frame */

  FrameR.Length = sizeof(OutData2);

  FrameR.Data = OutData2; /* Set number of bytes in data frame - 4B */

  CAN1_ReadFrame(MyCANPtr,0,&FrameR);                   /* Sends the data frame over buffer 1 */


Does anyone know what i'm doing wrong and also what do I need to do to read using the Rx Can interrupt?

I attached the complete code for more details.




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