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Processor Expert Basics

Question asked by Ted Mawson on Apr 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2016 by shaul dorf

I've got a project set up in KDS 3.1 that's for a MKL03Z32CAF4 processor that's going to be running on a custom board.  The project includes Processor Expert and KDS 1.3.0.  I am an experience programmer having worked with TI and Microchip products extensively.  I know exactly what I want to do but it's not clear how to achieve it using the tool set described above.

I'm struggling with the basic pin setup/initialization - maybe it's already done but if so, that's not clear to me.  I think I need to define the pin usage in PE but everything I see in the colored tabs under Component Inspector - pin_mux that looks like it should be where I might select pin usage has a yellow pop up tool tip that says...

Automatic enabled - there is no user requirement for configuration. The value was selected automatically based on register configuration specified by other properties or based on after reset value.

I want to set Multiple output pins on Port A and Port B, ideally as masked port writes, I want to read a single A2D input on PTA9, and I want to detect button presses (buttons pull high) on PTA0 and PTB0 because I want to use the LLWU features.

I have looked for documentation that explains these basic steps but have not found any.  Please give me guidance on how to proceed and suggest which components are most applicable to my needs.