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MPC5644A System Timer Module problem II

Question asked by alessandrocorti on Mar 24, 2016

MPC5644A System Timer Module problem

This post is related to the previuos one MPC5644A System Timer Module problem.

@ David:

Thank you so much for your answer, I tried the solution you proposed and worked ok!

I miss understood what was stated in the  Reference manual that the Sytem Timer Module counter roll over automatically from 0xFFFFFFFF to 0x00000000 and so I thought that every time one comparator is equal to the counter an interrupt is raised...

moreover I just tried to use the PIT with success, the purpose to use this timer is to have a basic tick counter for a scheduler and I thought the best way was using the STM..anyway, I think I will use the PIT.

Thank you again,

have a good day.