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S12Z 128  ROM checksum

Question asked by Charudatta Ingale on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by Pascal Irrle

Dear All,


I am calculating check-sum of the entire ROM using a simple 2-byte summation of the entire ROM memory block  in application.

Getting reset while passing some particular address range


0X00FE0328 -  0x00FE9345 it is working fine, but  for address range 0x00FE0000 - 0x00FFDFFF it is generating reset.


Am I accessing any invalid memory ?


Please find below map file snapshot for more details


Section Name                    Size  Type     From       To       Segment
.init                             62     R   0xFE0000   0xFE003D   ROM
.startData                        27     R   0xFE003E   0xFE0058   ROM
.rodata                          719     R   0xFE0059   0xFE0327   ROM
.text                          36894     R   0xFE0328   0xFE9345   ROM
.copy                            152     R   0xFE9346   0xFE93DD   ROM
PROMID                             6     R   0xFFDFFA   0xFFDFFF   PROMID_S
.stack                           256   R/W     0x1000     0x10FF   RAM
.data                            164   R/W     0x1100     0x11A3   RAM


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