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Error C1822 when migrating from Banked to Large Memory Model

Question asked by chris sam on Feb 3, 2016
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I have a project in the Banked Memory Model in Freescale's MC9S12XDT512 MCU. I have to change the Memory model to Large. When i change the compiler settings and built the program i get an Error C1822: Type mismatch (expected 'unsigned char *const', given 'Variable_Name *const near'). The problem here is that the pointer is unsigned char and the Variable_Name is unsigned long. This problem did not occur when the memory model was in Bank. The changes i have to make to the project are countless and i would prefer not to change it.


So is there any way to force the compiler to continue the built process without this error?  


In the compiler settings window codewarrior does not give me the possibility to change this error to a warning.


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