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MK64FN, Flexbus and external memory

Question asked by wf wf on Jan 7, 2016
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I've been searching for a while but not finding an comprehensive answer. Any hint or link to an existent post will even be much appreciated.

I'm trying to connect a MK64FN1M0Vxx12 to an external NAND memory, in particular a Spansion S34ML04G1. I know this MCU hasn't a NFC controller, that's why I'd like to connect it with the flexbus to then use the processor expert for an "easy" configuration. Is it possible? I have a further SDcard module to connect to the K64, I have only 8bit data bus for both of them and maybe the only Chip select pin is enough to communicate to both of them. Is it true?


The available pins on the NAND are : CLE, ALE, CE, WE, RE, WP, R/B

As found on the link below, the only connections I'm "sure" of are FB_ALE(->ALE), FB_CS0b (->CE), and FB_RWb(->WE). Which K64 pin one must connect the others to?

Where to connect the data pin?


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thank you!