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imx6 spi slave not receiving data

Question asked by Hongfeng Wang on Nov 24, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by ming fang

I am running mainline kernel 4.2.6 on hummingboard-gate (imx6solo).

Now I have one raspberryPI as SPI master and the hummingboard as slave.

I connected SS/SCLK/MISO/MOSI, the waveform looks correct, however I never see data ready bit set in imx6's spi status register, or irq triggered.


all four pins are setup in IOMUXC as in pinmux tool.


ECSPI2 registers:






CCM's ecspi2 clk is enabled, irq requested is 64

spi master is configured as CS active low, mode 0.


do I need to setup anything else?