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MKW2x Transmit Power control

Question asked by roybenshlomo on Nov 29, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2015 by Earl Orlando Ramirez Sanchez


I am trying to provide the maximal output power from my MKW21D256 based device. I also have an evaluation board (MK24D512 TWR) which runs the same code.

As I understand, the emitted power at the antenna port should be up to 4dBm.

I am using the register PA_PWR to control the power output and I do notice that changing it causes increase/decrease in output power.

The problem is, even using the maximal value for this register (0x1F), I get transmit power equal ~-6dBm (both on the TWR evaluation board and my custom board.

The data sheet is missing some detail about this register and specifies "See the power amplifier section for programming details (which I am not able to find on the same document).


Bottom line is, what is the maximal output power available on such devices (lets take for example the Freescale evaluation board and not my custom board), and how do I reach this maximal value? Currently, the best I can achieve is ~-6dBm at the antenna connector (I have no power conservation limitations).


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