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Question asked by alexismaslyczyk on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2015 by alexismaslyczyk

Hi everyone,

I'm back again.

Actually I'm just trying to use my TWR-KV5 but it seems really really difficult freescale provides almost zero information to start from the bottom. Except Precompiled Examples there are no projects examples so okay I can see that LED is blinking but it doesn't help me to create my own project!

I find on the web "Writing my first KSDK1.2 Application in KDS3.0 - Hello World and Toggle LED with GPIO Interrupt"

I tryed but page 13 they ask to add :


but in my KSDK1.2.0_KV5xF_1.0.0  there are no folder debug?!


So when I compile it can't find ksdk_platform...



Another question, I need I2C and PWM how can I add library for that. One personn (Alice on the forum) told me to use the the SDK-PE component   What does it mean? I shouldn't use my KSDK1.2.0_KV5xF_1.0.0?


Actually sorry if I am unpleasant but I'm a little bit frustrated to take 2 days just to blink a LED on a Cortex M7...


Thank you very much