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Question about yocto, imx28evk, MfgTool and NAND

Question asked by Per Smitt on Aug 18, 2014
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I am having trouble with the spam filter so I will split this question into several replies on the same thread to figure out why the spam filter hates me ;-)


I am getting started with an embedded Linux project using Yocto and the i.MX28 evk. So far things have gone pretty well but I have run into a hurdle when trying to get Linux to boot from the NAND flash instead of the SD card.


Before I go more into the questions I will just summarize quickly of what I have done to get a general idea of where I stand.


For starters I followed Yocto Training - HOME to get started with the Yocto concept. I took the generated image, dd it to an SD card and then started Linux on the eval board without any problems. I also played around by adding an ftp-server, sshd and apache just to learn a bit more how to add packages.