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Why don't breakpoints work??

Discussion created by Dan Wermers on Jun 28, 2011
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Processor = MCF5232, using external Flash memory in debug mode for first time (had to configure LCF file to do this).  Using CodeWarriors V10.0.


When I was running code out of the internal SRAM of processor, there did not seem to be an issue with using breakpoints.  Now I'm running code out of external Flash memory.  Breakpoints that I set (blue dot) rarely actually happen.  VERY frustrating to debug like this.  I've tried breakpoints, hardware breakpoints, watchpoints, etc...  Nothing seems to work.


Is there a SIMPLE way to get the debugger to stop at a particular line of code while running out of external Flash memory?  Extensive reading through the CodeWarriors documentation suggests it can be done but following these instructions does not work (breakpoint rarely stops at the line of code).