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Design Note: blhost to program KL03

Discussion created by Yi Min Hsu Employee on Apr 14, 2015
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Here is a notice when using blhost to program KL03.


Issue Background:

To program KL03 by blhost.exe, user will get the flash is in security state as below message:


Input 1: blhost.exe --p com47,38400 -- get-property 17


Respond Message:

ping responded in attempt(s)

Inject command 'get-property'

Response status=0 <0x0>Success

Response word1=1 <0x1>

Flash Security State = SECURE



Input 2: blhost.exe --p com47,38400 -- flash-erase-all


Respond Message:

Ping tesponded in 1 attempt(s)

Inject command 'flash-erase-all'

Response status=10001 <0x2711>Command disallowed when security is enabled



The symptom is similar to programming fail by BDM in some cases. The solution is down BDM speed.

So set the baud rate speed down to 9600 with each command and the problem is gone.



Moris Hsu