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IMX6 - Impact of CPU frequency on GC2000 frequency

Question asked by sylvain LE HENAFF on Sep 28, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2015 by sylvain LE HENAFF

Hello community,


I am currently working with the IMX6 on a graphic project and I have some question regarding the behavior of the GPU wrt to the ARM part of the IMX6.


When I deploy a graphical application at various ARM frequency (792MHz, 996MHz, 1.2GHz) the time needed to compute the graphic is reduced but the frame rate doesn't changed.

I am kind of stuck around 50Hz and I cannot managed to go higher. The ARM can go faster but the GPU is not following...Graphic part representing around 5ms on the ARM, I would expect a much higher frame rate.

Is there an impact of the ARM frequency on the GPU frequency ?


I have observed this on a sabre lite (Yocto 3.10.53 with galcore v5.x) and on a SMARC from Kontron (Yocto 3.10.17 with galcore v4.9x)