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KSDK + MQX + UART recommended way?

Question asked by Raj Batra on Aug 18, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2015 by Raj Batra

I've spent the day trying to figure out the best way to implement UART code on my KDS leveraging MQX on my K64F and am more confused than ever.


Should I be using the NIO drivers which according to this link: Is there a document detailing the use of the KSDK “I/O subsystem (NIO)” device drivers?  are not documented for KSDK (and comment made to abandon the KSDK approach) or should I use the fsl_uart_driver methods as provided in the KSDK examples folder? There's been discussion that the uart drivers in KSDK isn't so smooth with MQX (UART Rx (callback) Makes MQX Weird))


Appreciate any advice on the matter,