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BAM problem: RAppID boot loader error (MPC 5644a)

Question asked by Armando Perico on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2020 by Lukas Zadrapa



I am having problems to flash over CAN using BAM.

Below is the error message I get from the RAppID gui:


Error message

"Loss Communication with BAM at Password. Check that Password is correct."

"Password Verification failure"

Error with BAM. Check Password or Verify Boot Configuration Setting
ABS2=1, ABS0=0, FAB=1, Please cycle power and try again."


Our code works normally when flashed over a "universal programmer" (debugging), but we need to be able to flash over CAN (CANCase XL).

* We have FlexCAN0 and FlexCAN1 activated.


I have tried the suggestions from the posts below, but so far, no success:

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Boot Assist Module (BAM) with FlexCAN MPC5604P




From what I understood, I just have to add the following in my code (to enable BAM), is this really all I need to do ?

I cannot understand more than that from the documentation.



#define RSTCFG_PCR 210

#define BOOTCFG0_PCR 211

#define BOOTCFG1_PCR 212


main(void) {

     // BAM -------------------------------

     PCR[BOOTCFG0_PCR].B.PA = 1;

     PCR[BOOTCFG1_PCR].B.PA = 1;

     PCR[BOOTCFG0_PCR].B.IBE = 0; // ABS0

     PCR[BOOTCFG1_PCR].B.IBE = 1; // ABS2

     RSR.B.BOOTCFG = 0x01;

     PCR[RSTCFG_PCR].B.PA = 1;


... (our normal application code)...