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MQX RTOS SETUP in Kinetis SDK using processor expert

Question asked by Harsh Patel on Aug 2, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2015 by Iva Susnova



  •        I am using Kinetis Design Studio 3.0.
  •        KSDK 1.2.0 is installed.
  •        MQX plug ins are also installed
  •         I am trying to run "Hello world" MQX rtos code in Kitetis for FRDM K22F board.
  •         i can create my own project and run it successfully without use of processor expert functionality....but..


now the problem is if i am trying to create new project using processor expert facility, i can build my code debug it but it will not work on Hardware.


i found following indication in console:


Reading all registers

Read 4 bytes @ address 0x00000410 (Data = 0x49124811)

Setting breakpoint @ address 0x00005750, Size = 2, BPHandle = 0x0001

Starting target CPU...

...Breakpoint reached @ address 0x00005750

Reading all registers

Removing breakpoint @ address 0x00005750, Size = 2

Read 4 bytes @ address 0x00005750 (Data = 0xF7FC4802)

Reading 64 bytes @ address 0x2000FFC0

Starting target CPU...


so please help me to solve this problem as fast as possible....