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ProcessorExpert demos

Question asked by Ole Asbjorn Fadum on Jun 11, 2015
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I really don't understand the strategy Freescale is following regarding Kinetis, KSD and KSDK.

I've used CodeWarrior for a long time, and I remember that Freescale bought the ProcessorExpert company some years ago.

Now we've moved on to ARM, and after a project running a uC from ST we are back at freescale, and I was quite happy to

see that PEx had moved on, and I looked forward to use it.


What a disapointment


Regardless what I want to do, all examples are with bare-metal MQX. No examples (at least for FRDM-K64F) are using PEx.

In a number of cases we are not able to get the PEx to work, and fall back to copy code from a sample into our project

and skipping PEx for this particular device.


I thought that the reason for Freescale to aquire PEx was to be competetive amon other Cortex uC suppliers, but as it seems

I wonder if I have misunderstood something.


I'm disappointed and frustrated.