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How to make kernel with wireless extensions support

Question asked by Ramprasad Vempati on Apr 27, 2015
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I'm newbie to yocto or freescale imx6 platform. I've followed yocto user guide and could flash SD card with image type "core-image-base" and platform is up & running with SD card image. But I'm facing some problems. Could you guide me?


1. Default kernel config seems to have wireless extensions support disabled. I get below error when I type "iwconfig" . How do I get rid of below error?

cfg80211: wext will not work because kernel was compiled with CONFIG_WIRELESS_EXT=n. Tools using wext interface, like iwconfig will not work.

2. Can I make packages like hostapd or iperf or xinetd, part of the system after I do bit-bake?  Do I need to cross compile seperately or do I get them as binaries from sources folder, which I can simply copy to SD card for using?

3. I would like to understand, some naming conventions like receipees, images etc. Any good reference you can suggest?

I'm reading through documents I find through internet, but it's just they are too much confusing for a new user like me.  Any help in this regards will help me lot.