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USB host K64F  Please Help

Question asked by Jeff King on Apr 19, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2015 by Jeff Gough

I am so close to having this work for me.  I've been struggling with this, but I need some help please


I am using the Kinetis Design Studio (KDS) 2.0.0 w/ the Kinetis SDK 1.1.0.  I created a new project w/ the SDK and PE.


It seems there's some issues with the fsl_usb_framework (I'll writeup a document after this project is complete).  However, I am now connected to my USB HID Device which is a display unit.  I'm at the point where I need to send data and receive data.


There's no examples of this, the HOST example code only reference mouse/keyboard.  Neither of which send data to the device.  I am looking for some simple example of how to use "usb_host_send_data".  There's a tr_struct_t I have to fill out, but I'm not sure how to fill it out.


I'm coming from mbed, on mbed I was able to get the interrupt in/out endpoints and could send data fairly easily through that and listen for data in a thread.  I'm trying to do the same thing here, but am not sure how to set this up and there doesn't seem to be any examples out there or much documentation.


Is there any source showing a simple example using usb_host_send_data ?  If not, could someone explain the minimum requirements of that tr_struct_t ?  Do I need to fill out the usb_setup_t struct for example??  And where do I get and specify the endpoints, or do I need to?


I'm soo close, I could use a little push in the right direction


Thanks in advance!

Jeff King.