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How can I reenable CLK_OUT on KW2x?

Question asked by Andrew Fitzsimons on Apr 22, 2015
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I am no long able to JTAG program my KW2x. When attempting to program it via IAR, my debugger is unable to stop the CPU clock. I have made a modification to the code within the PlatformInit.c file and believe it to be the cause of my issue.

At the end of PlatformInit.c::Platform_Init() I have called :


From what I've seen in the datasheet, the modem's clock_out signal can be used to run the CPU clock. Since I have disabled the modem clock_out, perhaps my CPU has no running clock source. Is there a way that I can recover my MCU from this? Perhaps halt all operation before this instruction is reached, or flash the running code from the MCU?