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cm-fx6 LCD rotate 90 degree

Question asked by Vladislav Kalutskiy on Apr 17, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2016 by chandrasekhar mattaparthy

Hello everybody

I have the problem with /dev/fb0 rotation:

I found following:

1) in kernel source, file drivers/video/mxc/mxc_ipuv3_fb.c, line 894:


if (var->rotate > IPU_ROTATE_VERT_FLIP)

var->rotate = IPU_ROTATE_NONE;


it does not allow to set rotation for fbN more than 1 (90 degrees >3)


2) I changed it to:


if (var->rotate > IPU_ROTATE_90_LEFT)

var->rotate = IPU_ROTATE_NONE;


3) I tried to set /sys/class/graphics/fb0/rotate to 4 and system returned an error:

imx-ipuv3 imx-ipuv3.0: IPU Warning - IPU_INT_STAT_10 = 0x00080000


Regarding IMX6DQRM.pdf it means:


DI0 Synchronous display error interrupt

This bit indicates on the interrupt that is a result of an error during access to a synchronous display via DI0


Anybody faced it? Any suggestions how to solve it?