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Why won't KDS 2.0 work with PE properly?

Question asked by Donald Bosley on Mar 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2015 by Donald Bosley

I'm sure there is some detail in some sub-document somewhere that I must be missing, so I'm hoping that someone has had this problem and can point me in the right direction, although I couldn't find any threads directly related.


KDS won't let me update anything, so I'm under the assumption that everything is the correct version.

I have the PE for SDK and K22F/K32F update installed.



SDK is built, and I have been able to build demos provided I don't copy their contents into my workspace - if I do that, it's a nightmare of incorrect file paths despite updating the environment variable. Lastly, I have also installed Erich Styger's most recent PE components from Sourceforge.


The new project dialogue won't let me use both a freedom k22 board, and PE. It refuses to generate the project, so I select just the processor, and this is the result :



So it appears that the components are out of date for my version of SDK? Do I need to roll back to regular 1.1? Do I want to bother? Answer to the second one is not really, since I finally have programs and debugging working properly. If I try to change to a different processor, I still get the same type of error.


Any solutions or thoughts?

- Don.