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MC56F82736 Chip Erase and Blankcheck issues

Question asked by Stefano Sbrizzai on Feb 19, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2015 by Stefano Sbrizzai

Hi to everybody,


I'm developing a progamming algorithm for the MC56F82736 for our flash programmer. I'm following what stated in the AN4981_On-Chip Flash Programming of 56F827xx.pdf and in the related sw.


The issues I encouter are the following:


1. After the execution of the masserase, that is using the 0x44 command, the microcontroller enters always a secured state. I implement exactly what present in the Application note above.


2. In order to avoid what indicated in point 1, immediatly after the chip erase command  I need to program the Security Byte in the Flash Configuration Field to an unsecure value (that is SEC field in the FSEC register to $FE at flash address 0x40C). In this way the masserase passes, and the microcontroller is in an unprotected state.


3. The blankcheck command, that is the Read 1s All Block command (0x40), gives always a succes respons, that is indicates that the memory is blank though the memory is programmed.


Is there anyone that can help me to clarify this issues?


Thanks in advance for your reply