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Vybrid Nand-Flash

Question asked by Florian Aigner on Feb 11, 2015
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I'm running Linux on a phycorePCM-052 board from NAND-flash. This is working so far. But for easier flashing and updating, I want to flash U-Boot and Kernel by Linux. I was trying to use nandwrite, flashcp, cp, cat, dd and mtd_debug write to copy it to the correct Position. But it's still not working.


Am I doing something wrong or isn't it working so far?


I'm using U-Boot 2012.11 and Kernel 3.0.15.


Another Problem is, that I'm not able to save the U-Boot environment to the NAND-Flash. It always tries to laod it from the mmc and fails if no card is inserted.


Thank you in advance