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Moving from CW to KDS (new processor)

Question asked by Nick Anderton on Feb 10, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2015 by Jorge_Gonzalez

Hello, my company has been using Codewarrior for a few years now and have been very pleased with it and Processor Expert and have a number of projects that use it.


With a new project we would like to use the MKL17Z256VMP4 processor and as I understand it, this is only supported in KDS.


I already have a project and a lot of code written for a different processor (as our prototype board used an old one: MKL25Z128VLK4). Unfortunately when importing it into KDS I couldn't find the MKL17Z processor to add to the project. After reading a couple of posts on this forum I installed the following updates to KDS:


- Freescale Kinetis SDK v1.0.0 for KL03Z

- Freescale Kinetis SDK v1.0.0 for KL43Z

- Freescale Kinetis SDK v1.1.0


This added the KL17 processor to the list but now Processor Expert does not work correctly. The imported CW project says "ERROR: This component is not supported in Kinetis SDK project mode". I can't seem to find a way to take the project out of this mode.


Also, when starting a new project in KDS, if I select MKL25Z I can select Processor Expert (but not Kinetis SDK) and the normal Processor Expert beans are there (Logical Device Drivers), however if I select he MKL17Z I *have* to select Kinetis SDK with Processor Expert (and cannot select Processor Expert individually) but the normal LDD beans are not there.


This means I am unable to use the old project in "legacy" mode and can't even start a new project using the "old" Processor Expert with the MKL17Z processor.


What am I doing wrong? Surely there is a Processor Expert update for KDS so that it works properly for the MKL17Z? The Kinetis SDK looks completely different (and frankly, not as fully-featured) as the old CW processor expert and I'd rather not have to completely re-write the work I've already done!