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Bootloader for Kinetis K64 (Cortex M4)

Question asked by Anders Bergström on Dec 2, 2014



I´m currently working on a bootloader for Kinetis K64. The reason that we don´t use the Kinetis bootloader is beacuse we nedded to have a custom protocol.

I never done this before so i tought i will make the bootloader in the 4 following steps:


1) Make a simple Hello-World program resident in memory at adress: 0x00C28CB0

2) Debug and start the Hello-World program to make sure it is located at the correct memory adress

3) Make a simple "Hello-World application", to be able to jump between to the Hello-World program.

4) Get the new application and write it into flash.


Im stuck at 2) and 3) since the program always starts up at adress 0x0, not where i put my second vector table for the "Hello World program" It also ends up in Reset_Handler at 0x0 when i try to jump between bootloader and application.


I use different linking files for bootloader and application but the same startup code are used ( See attached files)


When i try to jump from the bootloader to the application i use the following code:


    // Test to go to application     static void (*JumpToApp)(void) = 0;     JumpToApp = (void (*)(void))APP_ADRESS;      // Set the VTOR to the application vector table address.     SCB->VTOR = (uint32_t)APP_VECTOR_TABLE;       // Set stack pointers to the application stack pointer.     __set_MSP(APP_STACK_PTR_DEF);     __set_PSP(APP_STACK_PTR_DEF);       // Jump to the application.     JumpToApp();      


I use the following defines:


#define      APP_ADRESS     0x00C28CB0 #define      APP_VECTOR_TABLE APP_ADRESS #define      APP_STACK_PTR_DEF APP_ADRESS


Im grateful for help,


/ Anders

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