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i.MX28 MAC1 IEEE1588 in slave mode and interrupt

Question asked by JohnU on Oct 31, 2014
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mac0 and its IEEE1588 block is configured and it works.

mac1 IEEE1588 is configured to slave mode.

I clear interrupt pendings for IEEE1588 slave (CCB_INT), enable proper interrupt mask (CCB_INT_MASK), set mac1 match compare value (COMP_REG).

The interrupt flag is set as expected but interrupt is not generated.

Does IEEE1588 in slave mode generate mac1 or mac0 interrupt?


I tried to catch the interrupt from both mac0 and mac1.

However mac1 interrupt is never generated and mac0 interrupt is generated only by mac0 packets (PTP packets are stamped properly).

mac1 is not used for packets - only mac1's IEEE1588 block is used so ECR register is only used for initial configuration.

I reset mac1, wait 10us, clear mac1 pending interrupts (IEVENT), set ENA_1588 bit and then reset IEEE1588, set counter to 0, set ATIME_INC the same as for master and finally set the clock as slave.

Should I also set ETHER_EN bit despite MAC is unused for packets indeed?


Is it possible to reset mac without resetting of IEEE1588 counter?

Otherwise each cable replugging destroys synchronized clock.

Is it necessary to reset mac on cable replugging?


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