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Flashing a MCF5272  with CFFlasher  CLI

Question asked by meka_tama on Aug 27, 2014
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I am flashing a Coldfire MCF5272 with the CFFlasher 3.1.10 on Windows 7.

If i use the GUI everythings works fine, but when i try to get the same result with the CLI it doesn´t work.

I tried it with:


    CFFlasher.exe -t TARGET -p FILE -s -bdm PE_USB_ML


The programm tried to flash and it seems to work (no errors, just reports that the programm started and finished), but when I verify the result with the CFFlasher the data is just 0xFFFFFFFF.

It seems that only the erase works but not the programming.

There is an old discussion ( with the same problem but there is no answer.


What may be the cause? If this is a problem in the CFFlasher, is there another programm to flash a MCF5272 (except the PROGCFZ)?