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iMX287 can't boot from MT29F64G08AJABA(8GiB,4KiB+224,ONFI 2.1) with error codes 0x80508002 and 0x80502008

Question asked by Liu Qi on Jul 25, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2014 by igorpadykov


I tried to use MT29F64G08AJABA as the nandflash in my iMX287 board,this nandflash is 64Gbit(8GByte),page size is 4096+224bytes,block size is 128 pages,and ONFI 2.1 compliant. I already modified the nand driver and when I boot from SDCard,the system can recognize the nandflash correctly and I can read and write the nandflash correctly after the system is up. But if I write the to the nandflash use kobs-ng,and then change the boot mode to Nand mode, the debug uart puts 0x80508002 and 0x80502008 after power on. I think my driver with this nandflash is right,otherwise I can't read and write the nandflash correctly with SDCard boot. But I don't know weather the ROM loader support this nandflash. Does anyone boot from this nandflash succssfully? Please tell me how to do. And what's the meaning of the error codes 0x80508002 and 0x80502008? Where are they defined? Thanks.