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A problem of debugging on MK10DX128VLF5("Program file does not exist".)

Question asked by matherine wang on Jun 12, 2014
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I work on a project which using MK10DX128VLF5, and using KDS+JLink for debug. I just new a bare project and config debug configuration, then start debug,  but KDS reported "Program file does not exist".

I can make sure that my board can work normally, because i use codewarrior instead of KDS, then debug work normally.


"Program file does not exist" seems related to the consistently of the chip type and Device name in debug configureation and also devices info when new the project, is it? but I'm sure they are consistent in my application.


Does anyone have similar problem as me and give me some suggestion? Thanks in advance!


by the way, when i new a project for device MK10DX128VLF5, i found the generated file LinkerFile.ld shows processor: MKL25Z128VLH4 (line 6), it's just comments, but i am not sure whether the new project is really for device  MK10DX128VLF5.