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TCP/IP stack options for Kinetis K64 family

Question asked by Luiz Fernando Schrickte on Jun 10, 2014
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I've recently decided to go with Freescale again in a http based device project, to take place in a  Cortex-M4 MK64FN1M0VLL12 device (have some experience already with a KL15 Cortex-M0+).


My question is: Kinetis SDK advertises in its fact sheet that it contemplates "lwIP open source lightweight TCP/IP stack", but I've seen no signs that this actually exists or is going to happen soon enough... is there any hope?


I've already ordered a FRDM-K64F kit and downloaded the Kinetis Design Studio, but now I'm considering again to take another MCU as I'm having the following issues:


- I could compile a simple program using FreeRTOS + KDS, however there is no easy way to integrate a TCP/IP stack to it

- I can see the enet hal code on the KSDK folder, however there is no hal component on the KDS interface. Am I doing something wrong? If I could understand the Ethernet driver from KSDK maybe I'll try to port the lwip stack by myself.


It will be really nice to have a simple and complete TCP/IP stack in Kinetis Design Studio to use with Freescale MCUs.


I've already compiled (after a couple hours) a sample application from latest MQX RTOS release (httpsrv_frdmk64f, which has something in common with my application) on Codewarrior 10.6, but I would really prefer to go with the more adopted combination FreeRTOS + lwip... In the sample I noted that the PE components are not present and it looks like I'll have a hard time putting things together. I had no success using PE MQX component directly and it looks like MQX configuration/use is not an easy task.


I would definitely appreciate if someone could give me some advice on which path to choose in order to have available a TCP/IP stack suitable to the Kinetis MCU I'm using. I wish I could use some already tested stack, so I don't have the spend a lot of time developing low level stuff (I like to do it, but it is not the focus here in my company ).


Thank you very much!



Luiz Fernando


p.s.: I know KSDK is in beta state and that some features in the fact sheet are not available yet