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Moving from LTIB to Yocto

Question asked by venkatesh raikar on Jul 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2014 by ramakanth kesireddy
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HI All,


I am interested in using Yocto for my upcoming project  and i want to get started using it on my imx6 board.


I tried building a Yocto image and tested that on imx6 board , image works fine. :-)


But when i tried to understand and see how i can cross compile my application for the platform i was totally confused  on what to do and what not .

I am confused what to use and how to setup the cross compilation environment , ADT ? or Poky ? and how to add these after i already a a successful image build ? how to use the existing build  that was created ?


Can somebody please suggest some simple steps that need to setup the following :

1) Install SDK to do the cross compilation environment for imx6 (AI ) with support for gui ( like  QT)

2) Create a gui build for imx6 ( AI) ( build with gui tools like Qt supported )

3) How to setup cross compilation environment to cross compile gui or normal application and test it on the board.