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Driver CAN, µMPC5668G

Question asked by Louiza laouiss on Apr 30, 2014
Latest reply on May 13, 2014 by Louiza laouiss

Hi everybody,


In my project, i have to program the CAN driver for µMPC5668G, i do this this by folowing several steps given in the datasheet(28.4.1 Transmit Process and 28.4.3 Receive Process) , and  28.5.1 FlexCAN Initialization Sequence.

i use FlexCan_A(CAN_A)  module for both transmission and reception.

perhaps i miss somthing importante or i dont check something to track successsful transmission, or something else.

i have problem with the transmiting function,the problem is, when running my program(code warrior) the data avaible in the CAN bus changes, it gives frames that i dont put in my program !!!


does anyone had this bug ??


thank you for your help