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关于imx28 L2.6.35_1.1.0_130130_source 版本 mfgtools 使用 升级失败问题求助

Question asked by Luo Qiaofa on Apr 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2014 by Luo Qiaofa

ubuntu 10.10 下安装 IMX28 的LTIB 版本L2.6.35_1.1.0_130130_source 后完全按默认配置编译生成 文件后无法升级,为此尝试多种方法无果,特请社区FSL及其他DX们帮忙, 先谢过

mfgtool 版本为 Mfgtools-Rel- , 使用该版本中自带的 升级则没问题

注: 测试所使用的IMX28目标板为 imx28_evk 板,非我们自己的板

1. 默认 PKG_KERNEL_UPDATER=y 配置时 升级失败的打印log 见文件 Serial-COM10-04241029.txt


Kernel command line: -e console=ttyAM0,115200 rdinit=/linuxrc rw gpmi



Trying to unpack rootfs image as initramfs...

rootfs image is not initramfs (read error); looks like an initrd

Freeing initrd memory: 4096K


RAMDISK: EOF while reading compressed data

uncompression error

VFS: Cannot open root device "(null)" or unknown-block(0,0)

Please append a correct "root=" boot option; here are the available partitions:

1f00           20480 mtdblock0 (driver?)

1f01          241664 mtdblock1 (driver?)

b300         3864576 mmcblk0 driver: mmcblk

  b301          524288 mmcblk0p1

  b302            8192 mmcblk0p2

  b303         3323903 mmcblk0p3

Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)


[<c002b724>] (dump_backtrace+0x0/0x114) from [<c027e634>] (dump_stack+0x18/0x1c)

r7:c0021a14 r6:00008000 r5:c7c13000 r4:c0325eb8

[<c027e61c>] (dump_stack+0x0/0x1c) from [<c027e698>] (panic+0x60/0xdc)

[<c027e638>] (panic+0x0/0xdc) from [<c0008f9c>] (mount_block_root+0x25c/0x2ac)

r3:00000000 r2:00000000 r1:c7c27f60 r0:c02ccb85

[<c0008d40>] (mount_block_root+0x0/0x2ac) from [<c0009040>] (mount_root+0x54/0x6c)

[<c0008fec>] (mount_root+0x0/0x6c) from [<c00091c4>] (prepare_namespace+0x16c/0x1c4)

r5:c0020940 r4:c0325280

[<c0009058>] (prepare_namespace+0x0/0x1c4) from [<c00084e8>] (kernel_init+0x118/0x158)

r5:c0020940 r4:c0325040

[<c00083d0>] (kernel_init+0x0/0x158) from [<c0044bf8>] (do_exit+0x0/0x5f0)

r5:c00083d0 r4:00000000


mfgtool 的异常为进度图如下




编译生成 updater_ivt.sb后放到mfgtool   相应目录下仍失败.

升级失败时的内核打印见附件  Serial-COM10-04240945.txt

mfgtool 异常进度截图如下


3. 上述问题2中, 若配置 CONFIG_INITRAMFS_SOURCE="/home/shltech/Desktop/ltib/initramfs.cpio.gz" ,则内核会出现



Trying to unpack rootfs image as initramfs...

rootfs image is not initramfs (junk in compressed archive); looks like an initrd

但 mfgtool 自带的 则无此行打印,请问这个如何配置?


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