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How to use multiple Serial_LDD in one project sucessfully ?

Question asked by Amit Kumar on Apr 7, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2014 by Kan_Li


I am using K60 uc with codewarrior 10.5 and PE. I am using 2 UART ports one for  sensor and others for RS-485. I am using accelerometers also on the same board using I2C @ 800hz sampling rate, my problem is when 1 UART port is being used the data being received from UART and I2C are perfect but when I add another Serial_LDD without any initialization also , the data from I2C becomes garbage and the value from both the UART is fine . one of the uart is connected to sensor with sampling rate @ 1Hz and other UART is connected to RS-485. both with baud 115200
If I use Console_IO to one UART  and use Serial_LDD for the sensor simultaneously, then the I2C values are fine but I am not able to get the desired string from console_io as the length of the string varies coming from console_io port to the uc. Please look into the matter.


Amit Kumar