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Change Data Enable(DRDY) from PIN15 to PIN04 for interfacing a Parallel RGB LCD display to iMX6D.

Question asked by Zaheer M on Mar 26, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2014 by Zaheer M

The reference iMX6Q reference platform has DI0_PIN15 configured as the DATA ENABLE line for interfacing a parallel RGB LCD.


Our custom hardware has the DE line on DI0_PIN04, is it possible to configure the DE line to DI0_PIN4?


From the uboot sources, in the file 'driver/video/ipu_disp.c', there is an following function which I believe is used to configure the DI0_PIN15 as the DE:

ipu_di_data_pin_config(disp, SYNC_WAVE, DI_PIN15, 3, 0, div * 2);


In the above function, the register 'IPUx_DI0_DW_GEN_i' is being configured for DI0_PIN15. I don't see the way to configure PIN04 here.


Pl. let me know if i can configure the DI0_PIN04 as DE?