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RTSP gstreamer and vpudec

Question asked by Holger Weber on Jan 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2015 by Frederic RVE


I try to display a video stream with gstreamer. I use the following command, which works:

gst-launch-0.10 rtspsrc location=rtsp:// ! rtpmp2tdepay ! mpegtsdemux !  h264parse ! ffdec_h264 max-threads=2 ! mfw_v4lsink


The performance is not as good as it should be so I want to use the hw decoder:

gst-launch-0.10 rtspsrc  location=rtsp:// ! rtpmp2tdepay ! mpegtsdemux ! vpudec ! mfw_v4lsink


But nothing happens, no video is displayed. I only get this output:


MFW_GST_V4LSINK_PLUGIN 3.0.5 build on Dec 14 2012 13:58:00.
Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...
[INFO] Product Info: i.MX6Q/D/S
vpudec versions 
  plugin: 3.0.5
  wrapper: 1.0.28(VPUWRAPPER_ARM_LINUX Build on Dec 14 2012 12:23:57)
  vpulib: 5.4.10
Pipeline is live and does not need PREROLL ...
Setting pipeline to PLAYING ...
New clock: GstSystemClock
[INFO] bitstreamMode 1, chromaInterleave 1, mapType 0, tiled2LinearEnable 0
[WARN] VPU iram is less than needed, some parts don't use iram
>>V4L_SINK: Actually buffer status:
  hardware buffer : 24
  software buffer : 0


I also tried aiurdemux which replaces mpegtsdemux but there is a bug with rtsp streaming.

Any ideas?