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Question asked by Andrea Gorgerino on Jan 2, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2015 by Iva Susnova

I would like to connect my PC with mt FRDM-KL25Z for demo purposes.

For development/debugging I am using Keil and CMSIS-DAP, but I want people to lay with my application with a simple interface.

Freemaster would seemd the perfect solution, but I am getting lost in all the options.

There is a posting somwehere else on this forum:Touch sensing demo for Freedom KL25z for MSD bootloader

where it seems that this is possible.


What are the requirements though for the driverless configuration?

  1. Is the connection through the OpenSDA interface of the onboard USB?
  2. can I leave CMSIS_DAP on the OpenSDA chip, or something specific is needed there?


What additional requirements for the operation with the Freemaster driver?