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Mass Erase SWD sequence for KL25Z

Question asked by Antonio Quevedo on Oct 26, 2013
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I have had some problems with FRDM-KL25Z boards becoming unresponsive in the lab course i am teaching at. I still have to find out what caused 3 boards to stop responding to debugger. OpenSDA is recognized but is unable to take control of target processor.


I have seen a way to unlock these boards on MCUonEclipse blog, but it demands having an external programmer, and I think I could create a more effecient solution, loading a custom OpenSDA app in the K20 processor on the board and installing a jumper for KL25 power source. For this purpose, I need to learn a way to halt the processor through SWD interface, as quick as possible, and also a way to mass erase the target processor through SWD commands.


Surely, I may read all SWD manuals and also KL25 reference manual, and find out for myself the SWD commands I need to issue, but I wonder if someone who is more familiar with the interface could provide a sequence of SWD commands to halt KL25 quickly, right after it leaves reset state (which I will also control through the custom OpenSDA app), and also a sequence to mass erase its FLASH.


I intend to keep the community aware of my progress, and I also intend to publish the final source code for the OpenSDA custom app if I am succeeded.


Thanks in advance,