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several questions about IPU's DI

Question asked by gaoweilin on Jul 10, 2013
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hi,I like this forum!

here are some questions about IPU's DI:

1:According to the Sabre  reference design ,thers is one parallel RGB displasy interface including  DISP0_DATA(23..0), DISP0_CLK,DISP0_HSYNC,DISP0_VSYNC,DISP0_CNTRST,DISP0_DRDY.What's the meaning of DISP0_CNTRST and DISP0_DRDY?Should  I use  DISP0_DRDY as  data_en?and what does  DISP0_CNTRST mean? can i make the pin DI0_PIN4 which mapped to DISP0_CNTRST unconnected?

DISP0_PIN2 is used as HSYNC,DISP0_PIN3 as vsync, DISP0_PIN15 as DISP0_DRDY, why these pins should be conntected like this? is PIN2 mapped to Hsync in imx6q?


2.Is it possibel to make two channel display work at the same time? for example,connect the IPU1's two DI to external display devices, Are there any other choices? Can hdmi and lvds interface work at the same time, not in  the time sharing mode?


3,what is the soruce of HDMI and LVDS interface? is it IPU's DI? if the answer is YES,then is it impossible to use LVDS or HDMI  and DI''s parallel RGB at the same time?