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Camera capture

Question asked by Jeff Freeman Employee on Aug 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2015 by Azaj Vahora

I have discovered a few issues with the camera and the latest FRDM-TFC (perhaps I have a bad one). [And yes, I did cover the back of the camera PCB since light bleeds through the PCB into the array (also mentioned in ProTip #1 Line Scan Camera Use)


1. The sample rate of the camera data is too slow (1 Hz or so). I estimated the 1 Hz by watching the led lights change and seeing labview updates.

2. My particular camera seems to be off by 20 degrees (I have to point it to the right by 20 degrees or so to get it to show up in the middle of the labview (see attachment). I wonder if this might be a poorly mounted array or perhaps misaligned lens? I will ask John if I can try another one.Capture.JPG.jpg