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Problem configuring 2GB DDR3 on i.MX6 Android BSP?

Question asked by Gerard Bucas on Jan 2, 2013
Latest reply on May 8, 2013 by Richard Liu
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We have a design based on the FS sabresd board but instead of 1GB it has 2GB DDR3 memory (also using 64-bit wide bus and a single chip select using 4 x 256Mbx16 DDR3 SDRAM parts - instead of the 4 x 128Mbx16 DDR3 parts used on the FS sabresd SDP).


We have tried many different settings for CS0_END (correct one should be 47h = 3F+8 according to FS FAE IN USA). We also set the correct max memory size in the sabresd kernel file (changed from 1u * 1024 * 1024 * 1024 to 2u * 1024 *1024 * 1024).


Also set register 0x021b0000 to 0x841a0000.


These settings pass the FS DDR_STRESS_TESTER 2GB memory tests with flying colors.


BUT when we boot into Android V13.4 BSP, Android boots up OK and correctly "sees" the 2GB of DDR3 memory BUT when one moves out of the Android lock screen into any other screen (eg: any settings screen) the ouse pointer leaves trailing pounters all over the show which never get erased. When we set memory size back to 1GB settings everythig works great. I have seem 1 other report from someone in China with the same problem and same configuratuon, so we are not alone. Have a look at: any one use 2GB ddr3 with imx6q android bsp? (he also attaches a great screenshot of this "trailing mouse pointer" problem - which is 100% the same as as we are seeing). Same problem occurs on both dual and quad i.MX6.


The only reason I started a new thread here is in the hope that this title will attract a few more hits than the already good question from the gentleman in China.


Has anyone successfully booted Android BSP V13.4 on an iMX6 using 2GB DDR3 memory with a 64-bot wide bus and single chip select, etc.





Gerard Bucas