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__SP_INIT and the library FP_fixedI_Thumb_LE_v7M.a (CW10.2 SE)

Question asked by Mark Butcher on Jun 4, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2012 by Mark Butcher

Hi All


Can anyone explain the following (Kinetis)?


- CW10.2 SE is used on two PCs (not at the same location and, although both CW10.2, presumably not identical builds)

- A particular project builds correctly on one but fails with a missing symbol when linking on the other.

- The missing symbol is __SP_INIT and it looks as though this is being used by the library FP_fixedI_Thumb_LE_v7M.a


When __SP_INIT is added to the linker script (given any value) the linker works.


What can the library be doing with this and are the versions of the library changed between (intermediate) version for CW10.2?