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Training 3 (2012): Q&A Session & Video Posting

Discussion created by Melissa Arosemena Velasco Employee on Aug 16, 2012
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The objective of this training is to answer all the important doubts you have while you have been developing your car. By now, you should already started programming the microcontroller and start moving the car. 


The dynamic of this training will be that you post in this discussion forum all your doubts. With these questions, we are going to develop a special training for you, according to your needs.


Please feel free to ask every doubt you have. It will help us to help you better :)



Details of the Training (POSTPONED):


Training: 3. Q&A Session

Date of the training: Wednesday September 15th, 2012.

Time: 19h30 (BRT)




It is mandatory for every team to post in this forum a short video of the performance and progress in your car.


You can upload it into youtube or vimeo and post the url here.