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Problems on LPC1317 programming

Question asked by Lorenzo Galbiati on Jun 30, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2020 by Con Verse

Hello to everyone,

I'm using LPC1317 for the first time and I can't program it.

On my board I have a JTAG connector (TDO, TDI, TMS, TRST, TCK, RESET, VCC, GND) used with succes on other parts like LPC1778 but wth LPC1317 doesn't recognize the part.


I have also an ISP connector (P01, RXD, TXD, RESET) but FlashMagic dones't work.


How can I program this microcontroller? Where could be the problem?

Can anyone give me a suggestion? This is a new project for my factory and I need to get it working as soon as possible.


Best regards.