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SDRAM Bootable Image on RT1050

Question asked by Nishikant Diwathe on Jun 10, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2020 by Nishikant Diwathe

Hello All,


I am trying to create SDRAM Bootable image of SDK Example .


Using SDK 2.7 , EVKB-RT1050


I have observed ,if I used “LED” blinky project then SDRAM bootable images works fine.


But when I use SDK example which has “WI_FI/ Ethernet & LWIP”.  SDRAM Bootable images are not working .

Examples :

  1. evkbimxrt1050_AWS_aws_greengrass_discovery_enet
  2. evkbimxrt1050_Aws_aws_shadow_wiced


I have added

*(.NonCacheable.init) =>>SDRAM_NCACHE ==>> .BSS

(.NonCacheable) =>>> SDRAM_NCACHE=>>>> . data