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How to solve the problem that example project can't be compiled?

Question asked by 柏瑄 邱 on Jun 4, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2020 by kaqi pi
Hi everyone,
After I install S32DS.ARM.2018.R1, I install RTM SDK 3.0.0 online. And then download and install "S32 Design Studio for ARM v2018.R1 Update 11 with S32 SDK S32K1xx SR 3.0.2". Create the example project (Can_pal_s32k144),
I encounter the following problems:
1. No "Cross Settings" in C/C++ Build option
2. gcc is not found
Related pictures are as below:
1. No Cross SettingsCross Settings
2. Gcc path is specofied
gcc path
3. Example Project has errors
Example Project
Thank You